Venetian Carousel

GC 10,50/2P

Double Decker Horses Merry-go-Round after the 18th century fashion.
The carousel consists of an hot-dip galvanised rotating structure supported by a central column and covered by hand decorated fibreglass panels on which lighting is fixed.
The two overlapped floors structure is suspended from the ground by tie-bars hanged to the roof and the floor surface consist of clear coated solid hard-wood panels. The second floor is accessible through two staircases.
The driving unit consist of AC self-braking gear-motor mounted to the central column and electronically controlled. All Jumping horses and the rocking chariot are moved by ball bearing mounted crankshafts located on the ceiling.

Minimum dimensions:Diameter m. 11 (36’1”) – Height m.8.6 (28’3”) [Min. m 7,9 (25’11”)]
Maximum capacity:70/76 passengers (Adults / Children)
Maximum passengers/hour:1050 passengers/hour (4 min. cycle)
Maximum speed:5 RPM (adjustable electronically to lower values by the client)
Power Requirements:Total maximum power 32 kW (28 kW Lighting - 4 kW Motive Power)