Go Kart


Go-karts are among the best-suited entertainment for young people, men and women, who like competing while driving single-seat vehicles without any special driving skills.
The vehicles produced by Bertazzon were designed to be easy to operate, both on fixed tracks (concrete or asphalt) and mobile ones.
These vehicles are equipped with a perimetral inflated rubber bumper, specially designed to reduce the impact between vehicles and with the guard-rail.
Available both on "Bare body" version and with fibreglass body (Sport, Buggy, ...).

Sitting places:1 Passenger (driver)
Engine:4 Stroke (Honda)
Driving power:4 kW (5,5 Hp)
Fuel capacity:3,6 I.
Tyres:4.10 / 3.50 x 5
Brake:Disk (mechanical control)
Speed:30 Km/h (18 mph)
Total weight:1,6 kN (360 Lbs) Empty