Swing Carousel

GS 7,60/30

The Swing Carousel consists of a rotating structure rising along a central column and supporting two rows of swinging chairs; 10 single adult chairs are located on the outer row for accommodation of one adult. Double seats can also be installed on place of one adult and one child seats.
The whole structure is hot-dip galvanised, with exception of the central column and is covered by hand painted decorative fibreglass panels on which lighting is fixed. The swinging chairs and their supporting chains are made by stainless steel while the seat is made out of fiberglass. The covering roof is made up by a flame-retardant canvas.
The rotation is made by one self-braking AC motor for a maximum rotation speed of 8 rpm, which is controlled by frequency drive.

Static dimensions:Diameter m. 7,6 (25’) - Height m 6,3 (20’8”)
Operational dimensions:Diameter m. 9,2 (30’3”) - Height m 6,3 (20’8”)
Maximum capacity:10+20 passengers (Adults + Children)
Maximum passengers/hour:600 passengers/hour (3 min. cycle)
Power Requirements:4,5 kW (1,5 kW Led Lighting - 3 kW Motive Power)