Flat Ride

Waltzer WZ 13,1-7

The Waltzer consists of a circular undulatory track. The rail is supported by a steel horse structure, connected to the central body through long bars and radial tie rods. The whole metal structure is hot-dip galvanized.
The floor consists of an aluminum plates and has 7 independent gondolas which rotate on themselves using the undulating rotation of the entire floor during the ride.
All the gondolas are equipped with a pneumatic brake to allow to the passengers a safe ascent and descent.
All the electric and pneumatic equipment are assembled inside the center of the ride, where is attached the central rotor.
The center of the ride consists of a square structure to be bolted to the foundation.
The body of the cars are made of fiberglass.
The ride moves by means of 7 A.C. self-braking gearmotors, controlled by a Frequency Drive.

Maximum dimensions:Width m. 14,1 (46’3”) – Depth m. 13,1 (42’11”) - High m 2,8 (9’2”)
Maximum capacity:28/33 passengers (Adults/Children)
Maximum passengers/hour:560 passengers/hour (3 min. cycle)
Power Requirements:22 kW (2 kW Led Lighting - 20 kW Motive Power)